The International Edition – Winter 2020

B2B on-line series about Marketing & Sales, Digital Transformation, Internationalization, B2B2B, B2B2C.

B2B online series about Marketing, Sales, Business Development and e-commerce.

“I want to inspire the market, raise difficult, important and interesting topics. My guests are market experts, best in their field of expertise. The purpose of B2B Power Talks is to share professional knowledge with professionals.”

[Victor Lyczko – the host of B2B Power Talks]

Pikantne rozmowy B2B Power Talks

I am focused on sharing practical knowledge for medium and big companies.

I am responsible for making the program the best in terms of substance

I want you to contribute to this program and have a real impact on it. Write me on LinkedIN. Rise your topics that are worth talking about. Point out the experts I should invite to the B2B Power Talks series.


Experts about us

Golden Partner of Season 5 (CEE Polish Edition)



Prestigious management magazine. As the first magazine publishes the latest ideas and trends not yet discussed in textbooks. The largest Polish and international authorities write for the magazine – including professors at the Harvard Business School or Stanford Graduate School of Business and recognized business practitioners with many years of experience in various industries. HBR has been published continuously in the USA since 1922.


Golden Partner of Season 5 (CEE Polish Edition)



This is the first foreign edition of the globally recognized American title “MIT Sloan Management Review” published continuously since 1959. by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). First source of information on the borderline of technology and business, which is reached by enthusiasts, leaders of digital transformation and pioneers of using new technologies in the areas of organization management. International forum for innovators, people responsible for the strategy, sales and other key functions of organizations who want to operate more effectively through new technologies.

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Golden Partner of Season 5 (CEE Polish Edition)



Runs educational activities unique in Central and Eastern Europe, including publishing Polish editions of “Harvard Business Review” and “MIT Sloan Management Review”. Organizes development programs for managers. In cooperation with the best experts in Poland and in the world, it educates Polish management and sales leaders in creating and implementing effective sales strategies as part of the ICAN Total Selling TM training line. Providing them the necessary tools and practical knowledge directly from experts.

More information about increasing sales you will find here: and

Golden Partner of Season 4 (CEE Polish Edition)


Golden Partner of Seasons 1-3 (CEE Polish Edition)

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Production Partner of  Seasons 1-3 (CEE Polish Edition)


The program (Season 1-3) was produced in the TVIP studio ( – the publisher of the Webcaster business and educational website ( TVIP specializes in video design and production for marketing, communication and employee development. Advises, produces and provides technology based on streaming ( Video CMS – Streameus.)

Partner of Seasons 1-3 (CEE Polish Edition)

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Attention Marketing – the art of attention management. We build communication
strategies supporting sales.

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